The growth rate of COVID-19

We all now know about R, but sometimes it can be good to consider another number: the growth rate of an epidemic.

The maths behind combining R ratios

In a previous article we introduced the problems that can arise when combine the reproduction ratios of a disease in different settings, such as hospitals and the community. In this article we dive into the maths that helps you get to the bottom of these problems.

Finding a way out of lockdown

Mathematical models can help the nation return to (some sort of) normality.

Social distancing: How close is safe?

How far can virus-carrying droplets fly in different environments — from buses to supermarkets? Maths can provide some answers.

The problem with combining R ratios

We explore why you need to be extremely careful when combining the reproduction ratios of a disease in different settings, such as hospitals and the community.

Maths in a minute: Differential equations

Change is the only constant in our lives — which is why differential equations are so useful.

How to resolve the Premier League

As football leagues around the world have been suspended due to COVID-19, how should the final rankings of teams be decided? Here is a suggestion.

Maths in a minute: the Fibonacci sequence

The origin story of this famous sequences stars some cute, fluffy bunnies.

Maths in a minute: Entropy

Is it about energy? Is it about disorder? Or is it about information? It's all three!

Maths in a minute: "R nought" and herd immunityWhat is herd immunity and what does it have to do with a number called R0?
A call to action on COVID-19

An urgent call has gone out to the scientific modelling community to help fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. Two Cambridge mathematicians are helping to lead the charge.

Maths in a minute: Voronoi diagrams

We look at a crafty mathematical device which, among other things, has helped people understand what causes cholera.

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