UK wins two gold at the International Maths Olympiad

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The UK has won two gold, one silver and two bronze medals at this year's International Mathematical Olympiad! The team came 17th out of 101 participating countries, and also received one honourable mention. It has been fifteen years since the UK team was last awarded two gold medals.

The IMO took place from 13th – 24th July in Amsterdam and the UK team entry was organised by the UK Mathematics Trust. The team that made us all proud consisted of:

  • James Aaronson of St Paul's School (gold medal)
  • Andrew Carlotti of Sir Roger Manwood’s School (gold medal)
  • Ben Elliott of Godalming College (silver medal)
  • Adam Goucher of Netherthorpe School (bronze medal)
  • Joshua Lam of The Leys School (honourable mention)
  • Jordan Millar of Regent House School (bronze medal)


If you or someone you know would like to be involved in future olympiads you can find more information at the British Mathematical Olympiad website and the European Girls' Mathematical Olympiad website.


I think you missed a very important point: Eighteen year old German contestant Lisa Sauermann won the IMO 2011 with a perfect score of 42 points. She will receive her fourth golden medal. This makes her the best participant in the history of the IMO ever!

In 1978 in the IMO held in Havana Cuba the Romanian team had six members with 42 points.

Mathematical Olympiads are really challenging and achieving success in it is a cherishing moment, congratulations to the winners and best wishes to them for their future competitions. Good Luck!