List by Author: Steven J. Brams

A game that stymies AI

Here's a simple game at which a human can out-fox even the cleverest algorithm.

Is life unbounded?

Acknowledging that life is going to go on for a little while yet throws a different light on how we make decisions in a crisis.

Donald Trump, game theorist

Whatever you think of Donald Trump, we bet you didn't think he was good at game theory.

Dividing the indivisible

Disputes over property are all too common. It's quite easy to share a cake, but how do you share out indivisible goods, such as houses or cars, without causing resentment? Here are two easy methods.

The revelation game

Is it rational to believe in a god? The most famous rational argument in favour of belief was made by Blaise Pascal, but what happens if we apply modern game theory to the question?

Game theory and the Cuban missile crisisSteven J. Brams uses the Cuban missile crisis to illustrate the Theory of Moves, which is not just an abstract mathematical model but one that mirrors the real-life choices, and underlying thinking, of flesh-and-blood decision makers.
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