Machine learning and artificial intelligence

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Puppy and kitten

How can a machine learn to distinguish a picture of a cat from a picture of a dog?

Artificial intelligence and machines that train themselves might sound like a plot from a science fiction movie, but these things are already part of our everyday lives.

At the Heidelberg Laureate Forum last year, Chris Budd, Professor of Applied Mathematics at the University of Bath, talked us through the basics of how these learning machines tick.

While Raj Reddy, Turing Award winner and artificial intelligence pioneer, talked to us about his grand challenges in artificial intelligence, and why time travel and immortality might be easier to achieve than creating a machine that rivals human intelligence.

To find out more about machine learning, its history, and some of the moral questions it raises, read the series of articles based on Chris' Gresham College lectures. And you can read all our coverage from the Heidelberg Laureate Forum.

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