News from the world of maths: Calling all algebraic artists!

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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Calling all algebraic artists!

Everyone has the chance to create mathematical beauty as part of a competition during the Cambridge Science Festival. As part of the Imaginary exhibition of beautiful mathematical images and artwork taken from algebraic geometry and differential geometry, visitors (both real and virtual) can create their own mathematical art.

By downloading the SURFER program, anyone can create images of algebraic surfaces by simple equations using the three spatial coordinates of x, y and z. For example, the equation x2 + y2 + z2 = 1 results in a sphere.

The competition requires creativity, intuition and mathematical skill in order to create equations yourself or to change given equations to produce beautiful images. The images are easily generated with the SURFER programme, and you can then upload your artwork to the competition gallery by 20 March. Everybody is invited to take part, including group entries from classes and families. The entries will be judged by a distinguished panel including Sir Christopher Frayling (Royal College of Art and Arts Council England) and Conrad Shawcross (sculptor and artist-in-residence at the Science Museum, London).

So good luck to all aspiring artists, and if you need some inspiration why not browse through the Plus articles on maths and art.

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