Stuff happens: Time in a block universe

Physics tells us that we live in a block universe, containing all of the past and all of the future. What does this perspective mean for our understanding of time, events, and free will?

Five of Euler's best

Five favourite problems inspired by Leonhard Euler, one of the greatest mathematicians of all time.

Stuff happens: From finance to fundamental physics

Current physical theories suggest that beautiful symmetries underly the fundamental particles and forces of nature. We describe those symmetries using an analogy from economics, and even rediscover the famous Higgs boson.

Do we live in a matrix?

Do we live in a matrix? What does physics tell us about reality? Are reality and information one and the same? Do things only exist if they are perceived? Find out some the answers to these fascinating questions.

Who killed Schrödinger's cat?

Schrödinger's cat has come to symbolise everything that is strange about the famously strange theory of quantum mechanics. Here's an accessible introduction to one of the weirdest, yet most successful, physical theories we have.

Stuff happens: Laws versus outcomes

How can it be that our wonderfully complex world is governed by a few comparatively simple laws of nature? Find out with this collection of articles and videos.

Stuff happens: The physics of events

Science is the study of events: things that happen in the world around us. But what exactly is an event? The answer is harder than you might think.

Mysterious black holes

It's impossible not to be fascinated by black holes. Find out all you'd like to know about them with these articles, videos and podcasts.

It from bit?

Does reality arise from information? What does this even mean? We explore the impact of John Wheeler's revolutionary ideas.

We love the LHC!

Find out all about the Large Hadron Collider in this package of introductory articles.

The 2015 Plus advent calendar

If you don't feel like sitting around watching the telly this Christmas, then get creative with our advent calendar!

Celebrating general relativity

A hundred years ago, on 25 November 1915, Einstein first presented his general theory of relativity. We explore this famous theory and what it says about the world we live in.

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