Logically speaking...

In some sense, all of maths should come under the label "logic", and in this collection of articles we try to explain why.

INTEGRAL: Seeing the world through new eyes

The INTEGRAL project is using artificial intelligence to support the conservation of forests and make better, and healthier, planning decisions for our cities.

Proof by picture!

When it comes to doing maths, a picture can be worth a thousand equations.

What are probability distributions?

Here's an introduction and some examples.

Turbulence: Where do we stand?

Dive into the maths of turbulence!

All about proofs

Why do mathematicians always want proof and what do they mean by it?

The Plus advent calendar 2021

In this year's advent calendar we celebrate our collaboration with the Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences.

Behind the scenes at the HLF 2021

We love talking to young researchers and laureates at the Heidelberg Laureate Forum, and this year we produced a daily video diary to take everyone behind the scenes of this special digital HLF.

The power of small things

Beware of exponentially small terms!

Learning the mathematics of the deep

Explore the maths behind machine learning and deep neural networks with this collection of short introductions and in-depth articles.

Happy birthday Quicksort!

Next month sees the 60th birthday of a famous algorithm called Quicksort. We explore its origin, its workings, and some other work of its inventor Tony Hoare.

Welcome to the world of symmetry

Explore the mathematical study of symmetry with this collection of content, which includes short introductions, in-depth articles, a podcast, and some magic!