Talking to young researchers

We talk to young researchers who took part in the Heidelberg Laureate Forum 2020 about their work.

The agent perspective

In these articles and podcast we explore how agency is what distinguishes us humans from intelligent machines, and how machines might be taught to behave more like we do.

What is constructor theory?

A new way of looking at the physical world promises to shed light on some of the problems physics as we know it can't deal with.

Myths of maths

We debunk some common mathematical misconceptions.

The power of ants

Find out how ants have inspired a class of cutting-edge algorithms designed to solve complex real-world problems.

Synchronised swimming

How do green algae manage a perfect breaststroke even though they haven't got a brain? The maths of synchronisation explains and even sheds light on human physiology and evolution.

The Plus advent calendar 2019

This year we explore maths related to animals. Happy Christmas!

Election special

A mathematical look at democracy.

Maths: The next generation

What do young researchers in maths and computer science work on? We find out at the Heidelberg Laureate Forum 2019.

Maths in a crowd

Many things in nature seem to be striving for a purpose — the carefully choreographed flocking of birds is an example. Are these birds really smart enough to follow a common goal? Find out with these articles.

Rise of the machines?

What is machine learning, what can it do, and is it ethical?

The Plus advent calendar 2018

If you feel like snuggling up on the sofa with your headphones in, then try our advent calendar filled with some of our favourite Plus podcasts!

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