The Plus advent calendar 2023

In this year's advent calendar we revisit some of our favourite episodes of our Maths on the move podcast. From the maths of chocolate to the maths of music, there's something here for everyone!

Climate change: How can maths help?

As COP28, the 2023 United Nations Climate Change Conference, kicks off we look at how maths can help understand the climate crisis.

Disease modelling for beginners

Mathematics plays a central role in understanding how infectious diseases spread. This collection of articles looks at some basic concepts in epidemiology to help you understand this fascinating and important field, and set you up for further study.

Creating a low carbon energy network

The UK is aiming for a decarbonised electricity supply by 2035. In this collection of articles we look at some of the mathematical, technical, and intellectual questions involved.

A richer view of the inside

The mathematics of tomography has revolutionised modern medicine by allowing us to see inside a person's body and saved countless lives. Now new mathematics is being developed to give us an even better view.

Telescope topology

This collection of articles explores a recent, exciting breakthrough in the field of topology.

Fermat's last theorem

To celebrate the anniversary of its proof, this collection of articles, podcasts and videos explores one of the most beguiling theorems in maths.

Multiple wave scattering

When waves scatter off many objects, things get incredibly complex.


Find out how the BloodCounts! project is using AI to make the best of the millions of full blood counts performed every year.

On the mathematical frontline: The podcast

Hear from the epidemiologists who have devoted their lives to fighting the pandemic.

Predicting the weather with artificial intelligence

Predicting the weather is hard. It requires a lot of physics, a lot of maths, and a huge amount of computing power. Can AI help?

Mysterious magnetism: From the Earth to the stars

Why does the Earth, as well as other planets and stars, have a magnetic field?

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