Plus Advent Calendar Door #13: The maths of planet Earth

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2013 has been declared as the year for the Mathematics of Planet Earth!

As well as encouraging research into fundamental questions about the Earth and how to meet the challenges it faces, there will also be many opportunities during 2013 for everyone to get involved. There's been a call for daily bloggers, inviting you to take part in a public conversation about Earth maths, whether you are an old hand at blogging or a newcomer to social media.

The MPE 2013 competition to design an exhibit about the mathematics of planet Earth is also underway, inviting you to design an interactive or physical exhibit, images or videos that explain how mathematics helps to understand our world and solve its problems. The winning entries, as well as winning cash prizes, will be exhibited in institutions around the world, including the UNESCO headquarters in Paris in the inaugural exhibition in March 2013. But hurry, you only have another week to submit your entry: the deadline is 20th December 2012.

Apart from that there are public lectures around the world, curriculum materials for teachers, exhibitions and more. Visit the MPE website for more information.

Mathematics of Planet Earth

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