Plus Advent Calendar Door #6: Get your own piece of mathematical reality!

Is maths real or imagined?

We love producing posters and postcards celebrating the beauty and importance of maths. And now we can unveil our new set of postcards promoting our project: Mathematics and the nature of reality! We'll be handing them out at MMP lectures and workshops, and New Scientist readers might be lucky enough to find one of the new postcards in the Christmas issue.

We're still dealing with a large backlog of requests (more than 1000 in the first 48 hours!) for our Constructing our lives posters, but we're so excited we just can't keep the new postcards to ourselves. Email or tweet us and we'll send a set of these beautiful postcards out to the first twenty people who get in touch.

And in the meantime, why not read some of the stories behind the postcards?

The image on the "what is infinity" postcard was created by FAVIO.

How long will the future last?
What is infinity?

Does it pay to be nice?
How many universes are there?

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