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March 2005

four wrapped presents

Eggs and bunnies

Easter is coming and it's time to start enjoying all those chocolate treats. In my household we have four beautifully wrapped boxes, which I bought at the same time from the same shop, but unfortunately I have forgotten exactly what is inside.

What I can remember is this: There are four boxes and each contains either a chocolate bunny, or a chocolate egg, and the chocolate is either white, or dark. I lay out the boxes in a row and after thinking for a moment I remember a little bit about what I bought.

The first box definitely contains an egg, the second definitely contains a bunny, the third is definitely made of white chocolate and the last one is definitely made of dark chocolate.

Being a budding chocolate lover, my son, James, wants me to confirm that all the bunnies I bought are made of dark chocolate. Now, I'm fairly sure that all the bunnies I bought were made of dark chocolate and I know that I can confirm this by opening only two of the boxes, but which boxes do I need to open?

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