We explore why you need to be extremely careful when combining the reproduction ratios of a disease in different settings, such as hospitals and the community.

In this podcast we explore the famous curve, talk about how to communicate science in a crisis, and explain the maths of herd immunity in one minute.

What is herd immunity and what does it have to do with a number called R0?

How do people in different countries feel about the COVID-19 pandemic and the measures taken by their governments?

An urgent call has gone out to the scientific modelling community to help fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. Two Cambridge mathematicians are helping to lead the charge.

How do mathematical models of COVID-19 work and should we believe them? We talk to an epidemiologist, who has been working flat out to inform the government, to find out more.

David Spiegelhalter, expert in risk and evidence communication, tells us how well the UK government has done so far communicating about Covid-19.

A study into Covid-19 suggests that flattening the curve will take longer and harder measures than previously hoped.

As the world prepares for the worst, we explore the maths that can help us stop a pandemic.