Janelle tells us how computer algorithms can help investigate crime scenes.

Chinedu tells us how fixed points can help improve algorithms designed to solve complex real-world problems.

Adele talks about her work on topology, inspired by spheres, doghnuts, and the power of maths to capture intuition.

Ray Goldstein explains what little green algae have told us about evolution the maths of synchronisation.

If, as string theory suggests, the world is made of strings, then what does that mean for a geometry of points? Find out more in this video.

Nadia Bahjat-Abbas is a mature student working on one of the hardest problems of modern physics. Find out more in this video.

The holy grail for 21st century physics is to produce a unified theory of everything — M-theory is a prime candidate. Find out more in this video.

Masaki Shigemori works on black holes and spacetime bubbles. Find out more in this video.

Sanjaye Ramgoolam uses techniques from physics in linguistics, the study of languages. Find out more about this surprising connection between physics, maths and language in this video.

Fields medallist Caucher Birkar tells us about his work and his unusual mathematical journey.

We talk to Jack Thorne about his lecture at the ICM 2018 and his work "faceting the gem stone" in number theory.

Clément Mouhot tells us about his work trying to understand some of the most beautiful structures in mathematics and physics.

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