New perspectives in symmetry

What is group theory and why is it such an exciting area of maths? Two experts explain.

R's not all you needWhen it comes to loosening COVID restrictions all eyes are usually on R — but it's also important to take account of prevalence.
Joining forces to fight COVID-19Plus is proud to join forces with leading epidemiologists from the JUNIPER consortium.
Maths in a minute: Cyclic groups

When things go round and round, a cyclic group may be just what you need!

Maths in a minute: Representing groups

Groups occur all over mathematics, so it makes sense to find a common language to talk about them all.

The magic of shuffling

Want to shuffle like a professional magician? Find out how to shuffle perfectly, imperfectly, and the magic behind it.

The mathematics of shuffling

A journey into the maths of card shuffling gives us a great insight into how mathematicians work.

Ghosts in the tiling

Do you like curves? The you'll love tricurves and their ghostly phantoms!

How to (pretend to) memorise a pack of cards

Here is a neat way of using maths to pretend to memorise a pack of cards. Amaze your friends! Astound your family!

Maths in a minute: The logistic map

Get a fish to teach you chaos theory!

Compound infectionsWhy does the number e appear in models of exponential growth?
How long until it's all over?

We can't say for sure, but everything depends on how many people agree to be vaccinated.

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