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Is the Universe finite or infinite? Is there infinity inside a black hole? Is space infinitely divisible or is there a shortest length? We talk to philosophers and physicists to find out.

Are there parallel universes? Universes in which, rather than reading this article, you are still asleep; in which you are happier, unhappier, richer, poorer, or even dead? The answer is "possibly". It's a controversial claim but one that has won more and more followers over the last few decades.

Using artificial intelligence to improve traffic, protecting the environment and human health.

What's it like advising government on the maths behind COVID-19? Find out with epidemiologist Julia Gog in this new podcast series.

New research shows that ventilation is crucial and that masks are effective.

We talk to three of this year's winners of the prestigious Whitehead Prizes.

Henry Wilton has won a Whitehead Prize for work that combines geometry and algebra.

Holly Krieger has won a Whitehead Prize for work that combines number theory and dynamical systems.

Maria Bruna has won a Whitehead Prize for finding a systematic way of simplifying complex systems.

How do green algae manage a perfect breaststroke even though they haven't got a brain? Enter the maths of synchronisation.