The "quantum mechanic" talks about how quantum computers might impact society and the limits of measurement.

PhD student Soukayna Mouatadid talks to us about machine learning and climate change.

PhD student Thomas Vogt tells us about his work in brain imaging.

Ahmer Wadee explains how to keep tall structures from buckling under their own weight.

Engineer Paul Shepherd explains the famous arch and drops some eggs.

Furniture designer Charles Trevelyan talks about the importance of maths in designing structures that are not only beautiful but also strong.

Gabriela González, former Spokesperson of LIGO, explains gravitational waves, what it was like to discover them, and what they might tell us about the Universe.

How does LIGO detect gravitational waves? Here is a quick introduction.

Icon: black hole (image NASA)

What is a black hole? Cosmologist Pau Figueras explains.

Wave icon

Kip Thorne explains how to explore the Universe with gravitational waves.