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The ICM 2018

The International Congress of Mathematicians (ICM), which takes place every four years, is the highlight of the mathematical calendar. It's the biggest maths conference of them all, attracting thousands of participants, and also sees the awards of some very prestigious prizes, including the famous Fields medal.

The ICM 2018 took place in Rio de Janeiro at the beginning of August. We were lucky enough to be there, to interview some of the mathematicians who took part and to cover their work. Below are the articles, podcasts and videos we have produced featuring the winners of some of the prizes. To see all of our coverage, click here.

We are very grateful for the generous support of the London Mathematical Society and the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications.

The Fields medal 2018: Caucher Birkar — Caucher Birkar has been awarded the Fields medal for his contribution to algebraic geometry.

The Fields medal 2018: Alessio Figalli — Alessio Figalli has been awarded the Fields medal for his contributions, among other things, to optimal transport theory. You can see a video interview with Figalli here and listen to the interview as a podcast here.

The Fields medal 2018: Peter Scholze — Peter Scholze has received the Fields medal 2018 for transforming arithmetic algebraic geometry.

The Fields medal 2018: Akshay Venkatesh — Akshay Venkatesh has been awarded the Fields medal 2018 for his work exploring the boundaries of number theory. You can see video interviews with Venkatesh here and listen to a podcast here.

The Nevanlinna prize 2018: Constantinos Daskalakis — The Nevanlinna prize winner Constantinos Daskalakis explains why equilibrium may be unattainable and why it's good to be constructive. You can see a video interview with Daskalakis here and listen to the interview as a podcast here.

The Leelavati prize 2018: Ali Nesin — Ali Nesin has been awarded the 2018 Leelavati prize for creating a mathematical paradise for Turkish students and the world's mathematicians.

The Chern medal 2018: Masaki Kashiwara — Masaki Kashiwara wins the Chern medal for his "outstanding and foundational contributions to algebraic analysis and representation theory sustained over a period of almost 50 years."

The Gauss prize 2018: David Donoho — If you have ever been in an MRI scanner you'll appreciate the work that Donoho is being honoured for with this important prize. In this video Donoho explains what his work is about and why he has an important message to mathematicians. You can also listen to this interview as a podcast.

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