Author: Rachel Thomas

Researchers are now asking for a serve of fuzzy logic with their pizza.
What do tying your shoe laces and Santa's Christmas Eve journey have in common?
Using their X-ray vision, astronomers have for the first time found two black holes in the same galaxy, and taken a peek inside a neutron star.
A rare first edition of Newton's mathematical masterpiece has been stolen! And is Newton the Greatest Briton?
NASA uses mathematics to predict lightning strikes at the Kennedy Space Centre
Despite its title, Carl Djerassi's latest play, Calculus, is more like a lesson in history or even psychology than one in mathematics. This is because Djerassi's intention was to explore the moral calculus that was involved in the discovery of the mathematical technique, rather than the technique itself.
Anyone who thought geometry was boring or dry should prepare to be amazed. Despite its worthy cover this book is exactly what its title says - a story - and the plot of this story involves life, death and revolutions of understanding and belief, and stars the some of the most famous names in history.
Can the music of Mozart help your mathematics?
Find out how to beat the world record in stone skimming - you just need to do the maths!