Leslie Lamport explains how he used logical clocks to set history straight in distributed systems.

Leslie Lamport explains how an understanding of special relativity helped him realise how to order events in computer science, and enabled the development of distributed computing.

My view of the events taking place on my computer is very different to how a computer scientist, a engineer or a physicist would view what is happening inside the box. Leslie Lamport explains how the definition of an event distinguishes between these areas of research.

Our digital lives rely on distributed computer systems, such as the network of banks that allow us to deposit cash in one place and withdraw it in another. But understanding the order of events in such systems is not always straightforward.

The Institute is celebrating 25 years of bringing researchers together!

How to make images out of ripples of pixels...

Siobbhan Roberts gives us a very personal, and mathematical, encounter with the great John Conway.

This year's Nobel Prize for Physics brings together the physics of materials with one of our favourite areas of maths – topology. In this final article in a series, we asked Fiona Burnell to explain the maths behind the work, and how it may help lead to quicker and smaller electronics, and even the elusive quantum computer.