Taming big data

A new institute on the maths of information has just been launched at the Faculty of Mathematics in Cambridge.

Some like it hot

Clever geometry produces materials that shrink when heated.

Election maths

The US election circus is in full swing. Here's a dose of election maths to help you through.

Cut your cake and eat it (eventually)

Computer scientists have made a breakthrough in the theory of cake cutting.

Maths and the making of the world

A series of free public lectures in London explores the relevance of maths to all our lives.

Easy as ABC?

Mathematicians are working hard to understand an impenetrable proof of the famous ABC conjecture.

Introducing Andrew Wiles

In these two short videos the legendary Andrew Wiles talks about what it was like to prove Fermat's Last Theorem, and what it feels like to do maths.

Image © Heidelberg Laureate Forum Foundation / Flemming­ – 2016

Political tides

Politician Douglas Carswell has been arguing with scientists about what causes the tides. We've figured out who's right.

Calculating the multiverse

If there's a multiverse, then how many of its component universes are like our own?

What's happening and who's listening?

Why are physicists unsure about what it means to say that something has happened? Anthony Aguirre and Sean Carroll explain.

Life's dirty secrets

Some uncomfortable problems in our understanding of life.

Go Rio!

Here's a selection of our favourite articles on Olympic maths — from dressage, via ping pong, to athletics.

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