Maths in a minute: Graphs and the degree sum formula

Double counting proves a neat result in graph theory.

The unreasonable relationship between mathematics and physics

Can physics do for maths what maths has done for physics?

Stephen Hawking: Milestones of a life in physics

A quick tour to some of Hawking's most significant achievements.

Maths in a minute: Dark energy

What is dark energy and how do we know it's there?

Maths in a minute: Dark matterPhysicists believe that around 82% of all the matter in the Universe is invisible dark matter. But if it's invisible how do they know it's there?
Cosmic models

Cosmology has an ambitious goal: to understand the Universe in its entirety. Find out more here.

Cosmic sound

Taking apart the CMB picture using the maths of sound.

If our Universe is expanding, then what is it expanding into?

Since he Universe is all there is, there's nothing for it to expand into. So what does "expansion" mean?

Cosmic peaks

Some of the Universe's most important secrets are hidden in the shape of a beautiful undulating curve: the power spectrum of the cosmic microwave spectrum. This article explains how.

The cosmic soup

To understand the why the cosmic microwave background tells us so much about the Universe, you first need to understand what created it: sound waves travelling through the early Universe.

Stephen Hawking: Memories of a colleague

Cambridge mathematicians and physicists remember their most famous colleague with fondness.

The cosmic afterglow

The cosmic microwave background is the earliest light we can see in the Universe. So important is this baby picture of the Universe, it's been involved in two Nobel Prizes. Why?

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