Issue 4

January 1998

This issue is all about the many applications of mathematics, including X-rays and satellite images and even images beamed back from other planets. If you are keen on music, you can find out what an ancient African piano looks like and explore natural frequencies and music. We also find out how probability theory was transformed from a questionable activity of gamblers into a reputable topic of pure and applied mathematics.

New technology has provided us with some amazing images - satellite images, medical images, even images beamed back from Mars. Julian Stander tells us about the increasing role of statistics in interpreting them.
In his second article, David Henwood explains the role of mathematics in the design of Hi-Fi loudspeakers.
In the first of two articles, David Henwood discusses the vibrations that can be harnessed by musical instrument makers.
Coincidences are familiar to us all but what are the so-called laws of chance? From coin tossing to freak weather events, Geoffrey Grimmett explains how probability is at the heart of it all.

We know there is infinitely many primes, but are there infinitely many twin primes?

  • What's in a name?
  • Disaster
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