List by Author: Marianne Freiberger

Tracing monkeypox

What do we know about monkeypox, what do we not know, and what efforts are going into modelling it?

The mathematical forces that fought COVID-19

The COVID-19 emergency resulted in some amazing mathematical collaborations.

Happy birthday Isaac Newton Institute!

The INI is celebrating its 30th birthday. What is it and what is it do for maths and mathematicians?

A short introduction to the work of June Huh

Huh may have had relatively late start in mathematics but his work with maths you can feel and touch has won him a Fields medal.

A short introduction to the work of Maryna Viazovska

Viazovska is only the second woman to receive a Fields Medal, for her ground-breaking proof to a problem we're all familiar with.

The Fields Medals 2022: Maryna Viazovska

Maryna Viazovska has won one of this year's Fields Medals for a ground-breaking result in the theory of sphere packings.

The Gauss Prize 2022: Elliott Lieb

Elliott Lieb has been awarded the 2022 Gauss Prize for outstanding contributions to physics, chemistry, and pure mathematics.

The Chern Medal 2022: Barry Mazur

Barry Mazur has received the 2022 Chern Medal for profound discoveries in topology, arithmetic geometry and number theory.

The Fields Medals 2022: June Huh

June Huh has been awarded a Fields Medal for work on combinatorics and algebraic geometry.

Kinetic theory: Taming multitudes

Kinetic theory bridges the gap between the big and the small to understand systems made up of many components: from plasmas to people.

The inequalities of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has amplified the differences between us. Understanding these inequalities is crucial for this and future pandemics.

Supporting healthcare with AI

Mathematicians are developing new machine learning techniques to support medical doctors in their work.

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