The Plus advent calendar 2017Christmas is a time for binge watching, so this year our advent calendar features some of our favourite videos. Happy watching!
Complex numbers: Why do we love them?

Have you ever wondered what complex numbers are good for, both within and outside of maths? Find out with this collection of articles and videos.

Maths on a boat: Young researchers at the Heidelberg Laureate Forum

Young researchers at this year's Heidelberg Laureate Forum tell us about their work.

Stuff happens: Listening to the Universe

Gravitational waves have opened a new window on the Universe. Find out what they are, how they were detected, and what they promise to reveal.

Stuff Happens: Ordering history in computer science

Our digital lives rely on distributed computer systems, such as the internet, but understanding the order of events in such systems is not always straightforward.

Fermat's last theorem

To celebrate the anniversary of its proof, this collection of articles and videos explores one of the most beguiling theorems in maths.

Women of mathematicsCelebrate female mathematicians with this selection of interviews and videos, which accompany the Women of Mathematics photo exhibition.
Who's watching: Context is everything

Imagine your weight depended on the colour of your underwear! Something quite similar may be happening when you are measuring things in quantum physics. Find out more here...

Fantastic Fibonacci

Bees do it, rabbits do it, and luckily, we humans can do it too: explore the famous Fibonacci sequence!

The 2016 Plus advent calendar

In this busy time why not put your feet up and learn some maths in just a few minutes with this year's Plus advent calendar. Now what's behind today's door?

Who's watching? The physics of observers

Traditionally, observers play no special role in physics. Like bird watchers in a perfect hide, we observe the outcome of experiments, or gaze at the stars through our telescopes, taking no part in the action. Modern physics, however, tells a different story ... find out more with these articles and videos.

Watch and learn?

Can the very act of observing something change what's being observed? This series of articles and videos explores some basic questions about the role of the observers in physics.

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