The Plus Advent Calendar Door #24: Merry Christmas!

This is it! Merry Christmas to all you beautiful Plus readers and listeners from the Plus team! We hope you'll have a marvellously happy 2012!

And since Christmas is all about getting together with the folks, here's some family maths. You might not be able to choose them, but at least you can analyse them!

The maths of your next family reunion.
The festive season can only mean one thing... getting together with the family! Find out exactly what you share in common!

Natural born mathematicians
What's the best present for the newest arrival in the family? Perhaps a maths book?

Career interview: Biomechanical engineer
Coming to think of it, how did that newest arrival make it to its present form from a tiny little speck in its mother's womb? Find out in this interview.

The mathematical Bernoullis from Basle
Here's a look at the most prodigious mathematical family ever.

Party people puzzle
Is it possible to hold a Christmas party with family and friends at which no two people have the same number of friends as each other?

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