A while ago John Diamantopoulos sent us some beautiful visual proofs of Pythagoras' theorem. He has now been in touch again with visual proofs of two well-known algebraic identities. The first one is


You can see that this is true in John's Geogebra applet below: the square with side length $a+b$ divides up in exactly the right way. You can use your mouse to move the point $P$ to see that this works for any ratio of $a$ and $b$. Since the picture can be scaled to any size, this means it works for all values of $a$ and $b$.

The second identity is $$(a+b)^3 = a^3+3ab^2+3ba^2+b^3.$$

To see why this is true geometrically we need to use cubes, rather than squares. Again, it turns out that a cube with side length $a+b$ divides up in exactly the right way. We have made a movie to illustrate this.

In the Geogebra applet below, use the slider on the left to adjust the ratio between $a$ and $b$ and see that the proof does indeed work for all ratios. By clicking and dragging the background you can also rotate the cube. Enjoy!

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