A fly on the ceiling inspired the coordinate system you might remember from school.

From trigonometry to waves.

If a shape has equal sides with 90 degree angles between them then it's a square, right? Well, not quite...

How big is the bird?

Viazovska is only the second woman to receive a Fields Medal, for her ground-breaking proof to a problem we're all familiar with.

Maryna Viazovska has won one of this year's Fields Medals for a ground-breaking result in the theory of sphere packings.

Flying a plane on a secret mission? Some basic geometry can help you avoid being captured by an adversary.

When it comes to doing maths, a picture can be worth a thousand equations.

A beautiful argument to show that all parabolae are similar.

Some basic trigonometry can deliver vital evidence from the scene of a crime.

The beautiful rose curve has an odd pattern to the number of its petals – this student and teacher team explain why...

Do you like curves? The you'll love tricurves and their ghostly phantoms!

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