Emmy Noether and the power of symmetry

2018 is the centenary of a mathematical result that changed the character of physics.

Seeing Pythagoras

The great thing about geometry is that you can sometimes prove things using pictures. Enjoy these three great visual proofs of Pythagoras' theorem!

Seeing proof

Having trouble with algebra? Then try these visual proofs of two well-known algebraic identities.

Packing spheres

How to arrange oranges in higher dimensions.

From an ecologist's nightmare to a mathematician's dream

Tracing the path of invading species using a famous problem in graph theory.

Maths around the clock

Are you bored with 1 to 12? Then have a look at these mathematical clock faces!

Fantastic fractals

Escaping the tyranny of the straight line.

Dodging Doppler: Atomic clocks and laser cooling

Atomic clocks are the best time keepers, but need to be kept incredibly cold. Paradoxically, the cooling is achieved by shining light on them.

Blockchain: Spreading trust

Bitcoin is a digital currency that isn't regulated by any kind of central authority. The structure which allows this decentralisation is called blockchain. But how, and how well, does it work?

What is pharmaceutical statistics?

What do statisticians do in the pharmaceutical industry?

Maths and politics

Mathematicians like to think that their field transcends politics, but as this brief history of the International Congress of Mathematicians shows, international mathematics has always been coloured by world events.

Maths in a minute: Transcendental numbers (and politics)

A quick introduction to transcendental numbers, a famous problem which relates to them, and how the person who solved it became a victim of political tensions.

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