Celebrating Ada Lovelace day

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Ada Lovelace, aged about 19

Ada Lovelace, aged about 19

Today is Ada Lovelace Day celebrating the work of women in mathematics, science, technology and engineering. Since Plus is run entirely by women, we're very happy to join in! We've got plenty of articles and podcast by or about women mathematicians to choose from on Plus and here are some of our favourites.

Some mathematical heroines from the past:

Articles by mathematical heroines from the present:

Some conversations with female mathematicians about their careers and roles in mathematics (these are podcasts):

Also, our Careers library has plenty of interviews with women who've built their careers on maths.

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Maybe you should list also lists of female mathematicians organized by associations like the MAA (Mathematical Association of America). I'm a bit biased, as I'm there, but there are several other fora like it (The Grace Hopper celebration comes to mind) and it would be nice to have an encompassing list of sites... More importantly I'd like to mention the Infinite Possibilities Conference (IPC) an American conference designed to promote, educate, encourage and support minority women interested in mathematics and statistics (http://ipcmath.org/).

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