List by Author: Kate Becker

The quantum reality paradoxWhat does contextually mean for real-life measurements and what does it have to do with religious questions?
The cosmic family treeMapping the ancestral history of spacetime in an effort to unite quantum mechanics and general relativity.
Is gravity time's archer?A new model argues the forces between particles in the early universe loosed time’s arrow, creating temporal order from chaos.
Reality's neverending story

In The Neverending Story a little boy named Bastian discovers that there's something extraordinary about the book he's smuggled into his backpack: it changes as he reads it. The act of reading "The Neverending Story" Bastian finds, is simultaneously the act of writing it. Could our universe be in a similar loop?

The crystallising Universe

According to Einstein, the past, present and future have exactly the same character - so why do we feel that there is a particular moment we call "now"? The physicist George Ellis looks for an answer in the curious laws of quantum mechanics.