Finding a way out of lockdown

Mathematical models can help the nation return to (some sort of) normality.

Artificial intelligence takes on COVID-19

Mathematicians are helping to develop an AI tool to help with diagnosing COVID-19 and making prognoses for infected patients.

Social distancing: How close is safe?

How far can virus-carrying droplets fly in different environments — from buses to supermarkets? Maths can provide some answers.

John Conway: Life, the Universe, everything and mathematics

We reflect on the late John Conway, the thoughts he shared with us over two interviews, and the experience of meeting him as a person and a mathematician.

Taking the pandemic temperature

How do people in different countries feel about the COVID-19 pandemic and the measures taken by their governments?

A call to action on COVID-19

An urgent call has gone out to the scientific modelling community to help fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. Two Cambridge mathematicians are helping to lead the charge.

Communicating the coronavirus crisis

David Spiegelhalter, expert in risk and evidence communication, tells us how well the UK government has done so far communicating about Covid-19.

The Abel Prize 2020

This year's Abel Prize has been awarded to Hillel Furstenberg and Gregory Margulis.

Squashing the curve?

A study into Covid-19 suggests that flattening the curve will take longer and harder measures than previously hoped.

Happy international women's day 2020

We celebrate Karen Uhlenbeck, first female winner of the Abel Prize, and some of the other female mathematicians we met over the last year.

Happy pi day 2020!

Since pi is the number of round things, we devote this year's pi day celebrations to...curvature!

Freeman Dyson dies at 96

The "free-range mathematician" and "architect of particle physics" has passed away in Princeton.

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