Teacher package: Game theory

Game theory is a great way of sneaking up on maths. You can start off playing an actual game, then start thinking about strategies, and before you know it you're doing proper maths, either conceptually or using equations and formulae. In this teacher package you'll find all our articles on game theory.

Science fiction, science fact: What is time?What is time? Newton thought it was absolute, Einstein thought it was relative, and today some people think it doesn't exist at all. This package, which is part of our Science fiction, science fact project brings you articles and podcasts exploring the nature of time.
Teacher package: Infinite series

One of the first bits of school maths that gives us a real glimpse of infinity are infinite series: those never-ending sums that may nevertheless add up to a finite number. For this teacher package we've brought together all our articles on these beautiful objects.

Science fiction, science fact: reports from the frontiers of physics

What is time? What is space? Are there parallel universes? Join Plus and FQXi on a journey exploring these and many more questions on the frontiers of physics. What do you think is science fiction and what do you think we close to proving are science facts? Find out more about scientific developments in these areas, ask your own questions and debate the answers!

Teacher package: Logic

In some sense, all of maths should come under the label "logic", but mathematical logic has shown that mathematics isn't entirely logical. Makes sense? If not, then this teacher package may help.

The 2010 Plus advent calendar

It's not long until Christmas! To help you pass the time (or ease your nerves if you're stressed), we bring you the Plus advent calendar with a mathsy goody from the Plus archive lurking behind each door. Find out what's behind today's door...

Constructing our lives: the mathematics of engineering

What do Gollum, the new Olympic stadium that's being built in London and the quest for sustainable energy have in common? They all involve the work of engineers. Engineering provides some of the most exciting applications of maths there are, and they impact on all our lives every day. To highlight the importance and excitement of engineering, we are launching the Constructing our lives project, which will bring you articles and podcasts on engineering, directly from the engineers themselves.

Teacher package: Mathematics in sport

This teacher package brings together all our articles that have to do with sport, from cricket to football and from the sport itself to sporting architecture and infrastructure.

Do you know what's good for you: the next microscope

"Mathematics is biology's next microscope, only better." That's what the scientist Joel E Cohen once said of the power of mathematics to revolutionise biology and the biomedical sciences. And he was right. Maths enables scientists to understand complex organisms and diseases, it's crucial in developing sophisticated medical technology and materials, and we can even use it to model our psyche and intelligence. In this sense maths has become a genuine research instrument for biomedical sciences. The insight it gives them are on a par with the revolutionising power of the microscope.

Latest news from the ICM 2010

Journey to the frontiers of maths with Plus as we cover the International Congress of Mathematics in Hyderabad, India

Do you know what's good for you?

Understand the maths behind health and medicine. Read the latest and join the debate!

Do you know what's good for you - what's the best medicine? How do you judge the risks and benefits of new medical treatments, or of lifestyle choices? With a finite health care budget, how do you decide which treatments should be made freely available on the NHS? Historically, decisions like these have been made on the basis of doctors' individual experiences with how these treatments perform, but over recent decades the approach to answering these questions has become increasingly rational.
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