Plus Advent Calendar Door #10: Food, glorious food!

What would Christmas be without the unlimited eating? And even though you can't taste it, there's plenty of maths in food. Here's some yummy examples.

Fuzzy pizza

Researchers are asking for a serve of fuzzy logic with their pizza.

2845 ways of spinning risk

How risky is your daily bacon butty?

Diffusion plays by the rules

Whenever you smell the lovely smell of fresh coffee or drop a tea bag into hot water you're benefiting from diffusion. Now researchers have finally found experimental confirmation for the most important concept underlying diffusion theory.

Eat, drink and be merry

Take a dive into the rather smelly business of digesting food, and how a crazy application of chaos theory shows the best way to digest a medicinal drug.

Fluid mechanics researcher

More on the fluid mechanics of food travelling through the intestines

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