Abel prize

The Abel Prize 2011 goes to John Willard Milnor of Stony Brook University, New York for "pioneering discoveries in topology, geometry and algebra".

What's the point of the Fields Medal and other maths prizes? Who decides who gets one? And when will we have the first female medallist? Rachel talks to László Lovász, current president of the International Mathematical Union (IMU), Martin Grötschel, the IMU's secretary, and Ragni Piene, the new chair of the Abel Prize committee about all this and more.

The Abel Prize 2009 goes to Mikhail Gromov
Prestigious mathematics prize goes to group theorists
This year's prize goes to Srinivasa S. R. Varadhan
The 2006 Abel prize celebrates the mathematician who helped make mp3s possible.
Peter D Lax wins the Abel Prize 2005.
The 2004 Abel Prize celebrates one of the great landmarks of 20th century mathematics.
Winning the first Abel Prize just might elevate mathematician Jean-Pierre Serre to celebrity status!