number theory

In these two videos Akshay Venkatesh tells us about winning the Fields Medal, what he enjoys about maths, and introduces us to the ideas in his work.

Akshay Venkatesh has been awarded the Fields medal 2018 for his work exploring the boundaries of number theory.

Peter Scholze has received the Fields medal 2018 for transforming arithmetic algebraic geometry.

Robert Langlands wins for his "visionary program".

PhD student June Park talks to us about geometry and number theory.

If you like playing with numbers, then this one's for you!

To celebrate the anniversary of its proof, this collection of articles and videos explores one of the most beguiling theorems in maths.

Mathematicians are working hard to understand an impenetrable proof of the famous ABC conjecture.

In these two short videos the legendary Andrew Wiles talks about what it was like to prove Fermat's Last Theorem, and what it feels like to do maths.

Image © Heidelberg Laureate Forum Foundation / Flemming­ – 2016

James Maynard, one of the prize winners at the European Congress of Mathematics, is counting primes that don't have 7s in them. But why?