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    Differential privacy: Keeping your data safe

    The age of Big Data poses a risk to our privacy as even anonymised data can sometimes be linked to individuals. Differential privacy provides a way of protecting sensitive information even when some of it is made public.

  • podcast

    Euromaths: James Maynard

    In the run up to the European Congress of Mathematics we continue our series of interviews with mathematicians who've won the prestigious Fields Medal. This week we hear from James Maynard talking about the twin prime conjecture.

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    Happy Women in Maths Day!

    We celebrate Women in Mathematics Day with a look at three amazing women from the history of mathematics.

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    Heads, Bayes wins!

    If you've flipped heads 10 times what's the next flip most likely to be?  Bayes' theorem has the answer, not just for the coin, but for the pursuit of science generally.