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All about proofs

What do mathematicians mean by "proof" and why do they always want it? This collection articles explores the concept of proof, with examples and philosophical consideration.

Life on the beach with Markov chains

Markov chains are exceptionally useful at calculating probabilities, and for helping you get to the beach!

Solving crimes with maths: Bloodstain pattern analysis

Some basic trigonometry can deliver vital evidence from the scene of a crime.

Stokes's phenomenon: An asymptotic adventure

Nearly 200 years ago the astronomer George Biddell Airy had a question about rainbows. Today mathematicians are still working on the area of maths it spawned.

Maths in a Minute: Fluid dynamics and the Euler equations

How does water, or any other fluid move?

Maths in a minute: Maths and music

Explore the connections between maths and music!

Winter is coming: Where are we going?

What can we expect from the pandemic this winter and autumn? The Warwick model provides some answers.

Opening the black box

Why we need to know more about the maths behind machine learning and deep neural networks.