Shining a light on COVID modelling

There have been accusations that the modelling projecting the course of the pandemic was too pessimistic. Are they justified?

Maths in five minutes: Calculus

Curious about calculus? This accessible introduction is for you!

Why turbulence is troubling

We all know what turbulence is, but nobody understands it.

Maths in a minute: Limits

Find out about the beautifully intuitive concept that lies at the heart of calculus.

Reducing NHS waiting lists in the wake of COVID

Mathematicians help with clearing the massive NHS backlog for heart conditions.

The calculus of the complex

Calculus has long been key to describing the world. Now fractional calculus is providing new ways of describing complex systems.

The Abel Prize 2022: Dennis Sullivan

This year's Abel Prize goes to the "true virtuoso" Dennis Sullivan.

Maths in a minute: Topology

When you let go of the notions of distance, area, and angles, all you are left with is holes.

Knowing when to quit

Whether you are a bird hunting caterpillars or a neuron processing information, the marginal value theorem helps you maximise your bang per buck.

How maths can help you get ahead of the S-curve

The maths behind the S-curves that allow us to tell if a new variant is on the rise.

Logistic growth: The mathematics of COVID variants

How to tell quickly if a new variant is on the rise.

Celebrate pi day with game theory!

We start the party by delving into the fascinating world of game theory.

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