New artificial intelligence tool for diagnosing Alzheimer's

A new machine learning framework provides doctors with a reliable tool to help diagnose Alzheimer's disease early.

Tracing monkeypox

What do we know about monkeypox, what do we not know, and what efforts are going into modelling it?

Helsinki 2022: an ICM like no other

Despite all the challenges it faced, the international mathematics community has come together to create an ICM in 2022 like no other.

The mathematical forces that fought COVID-19

The COVID-19 emergency resulted in some amazing mathematical collaborations.

A game that stymies AI

Here's a simple game at which a human can out-fox even the cleverest algorithm.

Happy birthday Isaac Newton Institute!

The INI is celebrating its 30th birthday. What is it and what is it do for maths and mathematicians?

A short introduction to the work of Mark Braverman

Mark Braverman has won the Abacus Medal for a mathematical approach to solving problems while sharing as little information as possible.

A short introduction to the work of Hugo Duminil-Copin

Fields Medallist Duminil-Copin's work in statistical physics brings together his two loves – maths and physics.

A short introduction to the work of James Maynard

Maynard went from a fascination with numbers as a young child to making spectacular contributions to number theory that have earned him a Fields Medal.

A short introduction to the work of June Huh

Huh may have had relatively late start in mathematics but his work with maths you can feel and touch has won him a Fields medal.

A short introduction to the work of Maryna Viazovska

Viazovska is only the second woman to receive a Fields Medal, for her ground-breaking proof to a problem we're all familiar with.

The Fields Medals 2022: Hugo Duminil-Copin

Hugo Duminil-Copin has been awarded a Fields Medal for solving longstanding problems in statistical physics. He told us about how his work brings together his two loves – maths and physics.

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