Maths in a minute: Conditional probability

Find out why the formula we use to work out conditional probabilities is true!

New understanding of a neglected disease

New research reported at this year's Black Heroes of Mathematics conference is changing lives around the world.

Can data science help rebuild our trauma networks?

Can mathematics help reshape our hospital networks?

From clicks to chords

How is frequency related to pitch? Hear the music we love emerge from pure mathematical beats.

Balancing the equations of a low carbon energy network

Generating electricity without the use of fossil fuels is not just an engineering and industrial challenge, it is also a huge mathematical challenge.

Maths in a minute: Non-linearity

Non-linear relationships are tricky relationships. Find out why here.

Meat free meat with maths

Don't like plant-based meat alternatives, but want to spare animals and the environment? There's hope on the horizon, aided by a good helping of maths.

Maths in a minute: Inverse problems

Inverse problems are mathematical detective problems. They can help solve crimes, are used in medical imaging, and much more.

A richer view of the inside

The mathematics of tomography has revolutionised modern medicine by allowing us to see inside a person's body and saved countless lives. Now new mathematics is being developed to give us an even better view.

Spinning the wheel: The Ehrenfest paradox

Meet a fascinating thought experiment close to the speed of light.

Spheres within spheres: A journey through many dimensions

We guide you through an exciting recent breakthrough in the world of topology, involving something called the telescope conjecture.

Spheres within spheres: Simplicity and failure

We continue our exploration of the telescope conjecture.