The Abel Prize 2022: Dennis Sullivan

This year's Abel Prize goes to the "true virtuoso" Dennis Sullivan.

Maths in a minute: Topology

When you let go of the notions of distance, area, and angles, all you are left with is holes.

Knowing when to quit

Whether you are a bird hunting caterpillars or a neuron processing information, the marginal value theorem helps you maximise your bang per buck.

How maths can help you get ahead of the S-curve

The maths behind the S-curves that allow us to tell if a new variant is on the rise.

Logistic growth: The mathematics of COVID variants

How to tell quickly if a new variant is on the rise.

Celebrate pi day with game theory!

We start the party by delving into the fascinating world of game theory.

The STEM for BRITAIN awards

Early career researchers have presented their work to politicians at the Houses of Parliament.

Can game theory help to vaccinate the world?

Game theory suggests that sharing vaccine doses might give a selfish, as well as moral, advantage.

Happy International Women's day 2022!

We celebrate by revisiting some of the articles and podcasts we have produced with female mathematicians over the last year.

The Moon once churned an ocean of slushy magma

A new model of the formation of the Moon's crust finally explains the diversity and range of ages of rocks found on the lunar surface.

Understanding the diversity of forests using AI

New techniques in artificial intelligence are helping assess the diversity of forests.

The powers of the multiplication table

Explore the amazing patterns that reveal the powers hidden in the multiplication table!

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