Doppler shift

Atomic clocks are the best time keepers, but need to be kept incredibly cold. Paradoxically, the cooling is achieved by shining light on them.

Astronomers have explained a strange effect observed in the vicinity of black holes.

Two of the most fundamental questions asked by people are how life emerged on the Earth, and whether we are alone in the cosmos. These deeply important questions form the core of a new kind of science, one that recently has been rapidly gathering momentum: astrobiology. Lewis Dartnell explains.
Einstein proved correct, ..... again!
Asteroid just missed Earth
Extrasolar planets have been grabbing the headlines
Researchers observe the Inverse Doppler effect for the first time.

Astronomers have for the first time listened to the heartbeat of a star other than our own Sun.

On 11th August 1999 a total eclipse of the Sun will be visible from parts of the UK. It will provide a spectacular display, but why is the Sun so interesting? Helen Mason explains.