dynamical system

This beautiful version of geometry was developed to keep track of things that move! Here's a very brief introduction.
Weird and wonderful things can happen when you set a ball in motion on a billiard table — and the theory of mathematical billiards has recently seen a breakthrough.
This year's Abel Prize goes to the "true virtuoso" Dennis Sullivan.
Complex systems go! The 2021 Nobel Prize in Physics.
Get a fish to teach you chaos theory!
Holly Krieger has won a Whitehead Prize for work that combines number theory and dynamical systems.
This article gives a short but thorough introduction to that fabled beast of mathematics: the Mandelbrot set.
Want to understand chaos? Then have a look at Smale's famous horseshoe map.
Want to understand chaos? Then have a look at this famous brainchild of the mathematician Stephen Smale.

In this short clip the Fields medallist tells us about his bad marks at school and his fascinatingly eclectic work as a mathematician.

The division of plant cells is governed by their shape – just one example of how maths may reveal the fundamental laws underlying biology.