If you've flipped heads 10 times what's the next flip most likely to be?  Bayes' theorem has the answer, not just for the coin, but for the pursuit of science generally.

Trying to make a prediction about the world based on dodgy data? Then data assimilation has the answer!

As part of our series of interviews with early career researchers, Kweku tells us why he enjoys statistics, life as an early career researcher, and about a favourite mathematical moment.

Is your new face cream associated to getting spots? The odds ratio can help figure it out.

A game you're almost certain to lose...

David Spiegelhalter's book Sex by numbers takes a statistical peak into the nation's bedrooms. In this interview from 2015 he tells us some of his favourite stories from the book.

Daniel tells us about what drew him to maths, about random walks on unusual shapes, and about an exciting summer internship which allowed him to experience life as a maths researcher.

Wet cats don't cause umbrellas and umbrellas don't cause wet cats.

Early career researchers have presented their work to politicians at the Houses of Parliament.

It's so ubiquitous it's normal!

Here's an introduction and some examples.