How can maths fight an epidemic?

How can we use mathematics to model the spread of a disease?

The doubling time of a disease

The doubling time of a disease is the time it takes for the number of cases of the disease to double. How do you calculate it?

The growth rate of a disease

What is the growth rate and what does it tell us about an epidemic?

R and herd immunity

What is herd immunity and what does it have to do with a number called R?

Maths in a minute: Algorithms

The word "algorithm" has probably got more usage over the last few years than it has in its entire history. But what exactly is an algorithm?

Maths in a minute: Exponential growth

What do we mean when we say that something grows exponentially?

Maths in a minute: Conditional probability

Find out why the formula we use to work out conditional probabilities is true!

New understanding of a neglected disease

New research reported at this year's Black Heroes of Mathematics conference is changing lives around the world.

Can data science help rebuild our trauma networks?

Can mathematics help reshape our hospital networks?

From clicks to chords

How is frequency related to pitch? Hear the music we love emerge from pure mathematical beats.

Balancing the equations of a low carbon energy network

Generating electricity without the use of fossil fuels is not just an engineering and industrial challenge, it is also a huge mathematical challenge.

Maths in a minute: Non-linearity

Non-linear relationships are tricky relationships. Find out why here.