String theory: A promise from physics

Mathematics is an indispensable tool in physics, but can physics solve problem in maths? Find out more in this article.

String theory: Convincing mathematics

Find out how a theory from physics has provided tools for solving long-standing problems in number theory. And in turn how number theory helps solve the mystery of black holes.

Measles cases on the rise: Why this is worrying and what we can do


We look at the recent rise in measles cases, why it has led to a national health incident being declared, and what can be done to avert the threat.

Outraged by not knowing

Our neighbour Oscar Randal-Williams tells us about his exciting work at the frontiers of mathematics and the fundamental question he might be just about to answer!

Introducing the Mathsci-comm network

We are very pleased to be launching this network for those working in, and with a stake in, communicating complex mathematics and data science to a variety of non-expert audiences.

The Abel Prize 2024: Michel Talagrand

The Abel Prize 2024 has been awarded to Michel Talagrand for ground breaking contributions to probability theory and functional analysis.

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