The Isaac Newton Institute: Creating eureka moments

One of the most exciting places in the mathematical world is the Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences (INI), an international research centre and our neighbour here on the University of Cambridge's maths campus.
The INI attracts leading mathematical scientists from all over the world, and is open to all. We are proud to be collaborating with the INI to bring the cutting edge mathematics that is being done there to the general public. The following content is part of this collaboration.

The holographic principle

Over the last few decades physicists have been developing a curious idea. Perhaps the world we inhabit is a hologram, lacking a crucial feature of the world as we perceive it: the third dimension.

Can we build a low carbon energy network?

In this episode of our podcast we discuss the challenges involved in moving away from fossil fuels.

The Plus advent calendar 2023

In this year's advent calendar we revisit some of our favourite episodes of our Maths on the move podcast. From the maths of chocolate to the maths of music, there's something here for everyone!

Maths in a minute: Algorithms

The word "algorithm" has probably got more usage over the last few years than it has in its entire history. But what exactly is an algorithm?

New understanding of a neglected disease

New research reported at this year's Black Heroes of Mathematics conference is changing lives around the world.

Can data science help rebuild our trauma networks?

Can mathematics help reshape our hospital networks?

Telescope topology — the podcast

We look at an important recent result exploring higher-dimensional holes in higher-dimensional spheres.

How does human noise impact whales?

We talk to Stuart Johnston who uses mathematics to find out how noise pollution in the oceans impacts whales.

Balancing the equations of a low carbon energy network

Generating electricity without the use of fossil fuels is not just an engineering and industrial challenge, it is also a huge mathematical challenge.

Maths in a minute: Non-linearity

Non-linear relationships are tricky relationships. Find out why here.

Living Proof: The irrational diary of Clara Valentine

In this podcast author Coralie Colmez shares insights into her novel The irrational diary of Clara Valentine.

Mathematical summer fun

We talk to early career mathematicians who spent some of their summer holiday solving problems posed by industry — such as how to blend a perfect smoothie!

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