List by Author: Chris Budd

The shower equation: Dealing with delay

Many processes, including climate change and the spread of COVID-19, involve a delay. Here's a beautiful equation designed to model such processes.

Myths of maths: The golden ratio

The golden ratio has many amazing properties. But is it really a secret of nature and the epitome of beauty?

Elections: Could they be fairer?

With a bit of maths, yes!

Elections: Three common methods

Are these methods fair?

Elections: Can they be fair?

Unfortunately the answer is no, not perfectly. Find out more here.

Saving whales using Pythagoras

One of the greatest threats to whales is being struck by ships. Find out how Pythagoras' theorem can help avoid this.

The selfish herd

From flocks of starlings to spiral galaxies: this article explores examples of emergent phenomena in nature.

Cellular automata

Find out how a square grid and some simple rules can generate complex patterns and life-like behaviour.

The dynamics of crowds

Human beings are wilful and don't always act rationally. Yet, mathematical models of the behaviour of crowds are surprisingly accurate.

Machine learning: Is it ethical?

Should machines be allowed to make decisions that impact people's lives?

Will machine learning replace mathematicians?

Will sophisticated algorithms one day replace mathematicians?

What is machine learning?

Find out how a little bit of maths can enable a machine to learn from experience.

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