List by Author: Marianne Freiberger and Rachel Thomas

Mathematics without bordersThe International Mathematical Union has celebrated its 100th anniversary with a conference entitled Mathematics without borders.
The Delta variant: What do we know?

As the Delta variant is worrying the UK, researchers from the JUNIPER consortium have published all they know about it.

How long until it's all over?

We can't say for sure, but everything depends on how many people agree to be vaccinated.

Who should be vaccinated first?

Modelling shows that old and vulnerable people should be prioritised.

How were the vaccines tested?

Like any medical drug, vaccines are tested in large-scale randomised controlled trials.

How effective are the vaccines — and how do we know this?

The efficacy of vaccines is estimated from trials, using statistical techniques.

Since herd immunity will protect us all, why do I need to get vaccinated?

Because the vaccine may not stop transmission of the virus.

Are the vaccines safe?

Yes the approved vaccines are safe. If you balance the risks, then taking the vaccine is much safer than taking your chances with COVID-19.

Phantom jams

How to unjam traffic.

New windows on the Universe

Find out what gravitational waves will tell us about the Universe: from understanding its birth to figuring out whether black holes have hairs.

Listening for ripples in spacetime

Find out about the heroic effort that led to the detection of gravitational waves and the excitement of their discovery.

Colouring by numbers: The Kochen-Specker theorem

The Kochen-Specker theorem shows that quantum mechanics is always going to be strange. Its proof is surprisingly simple!

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