Reviews and recommendations

The Mathematics Unites photo challenge

Do you like maths and photography? Then this is for you!

The Quantum Menagerie

Want to get your had around quantum mechanics? Then you might want to try this book.

Maths on the back of an envelope

Rob Eastaway's book teaches you how to roughly calculate anything!

Discover the Living Proof podcast!

Explore the podcast from the iconic Newton Institute in Cambridge!

Why study mathematics?

We asked Vicky Neale why she has written a book about studying maths at university...

Her maths story

A new website offers encouragement and support for female mathematicians.

'Galileo and the Science Deniers'

Mario Livio's new book is acutely relevant and a great read, featuring on of science's most fascinating protagonists.

'The eternal golden braid: Gödel Escher Bach'

Marcus Du Sautoy's show at the Barbican combines music, maths and machine learning.

'Is that a big number?'

From national debt to theatre capacities – Andrew Elliott's book puts numbers into context.

'The calculus story'

David Acheson's new book makes calculus irresistible.

'Euler's pioneering equation'

Robin Wilson's new book focuses on that almost mystic entity known as Euler's equation.

'Game changers'

Rudolf Taschner's new book presents a satisfying, accessible, and wide-reaching account of the people and ideas behind game theory.

  • Want facts and want them fast? Our Maths in a minute series explores key mathematical concepts in just a few words.

  • What do chocolate and mayonnaise have in common? It's maths! Find out how in this podcast featuring engineer Valerie Pinfield.

  • Is it possible to write unique music with the limited quantity of notes and chords available? We ask musician Oli Freke!

  • How can maths help to understand the Southern Ocean, a vital component of the Earth's climate system?

  • Was the mathematical modelling projecting the course of the pandemic too pessimistic, or were the projections justified? Matt Keeling tells our colleagues from SBIDER about the COVID models that fed into public policy.

  • PhD student Daniel Kreuter tells us about his work on the BloodCounts! project, which uses maths to make optimal use of the billions of blood tests performed every year around the globe.