Teo tells us about his work in artificial intelligence, his travels around the world, and how inspiration sometimes strikes in the pub.

Predicting the weather is hard. It requires a lot of physics, a lot of maths, and a huge amount of computing power. Can AI help?

Clouds make the weather, yet their detail isn't taken into account in weather forecasts. Artificial intelligence might be able to help.

Predicting the weather is hard. But with more data and computing power becoming available, artificial intelligence may be able to help.

Tea gone cold? Don't worry, you can cheer yourself up with the theory of thermodynamics.

How does your phone know what the weather's going to be like?

How good is your estimate?

How does your weather app know the percentage chance of rain? It's down to ensemble forecasting!

Take a dive into deep learning - a spectacularly successful development in artificial intelligence!

How does water, or indeed any fluid, move? The Euler equations let us look beneath the surface and mark the beginning of modern fluid dynamics.

Machine learning makes many daily activities possible, but how does it work?

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